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Able Computer Consulting is dedicated to providing top-notch services to our clients, and that includes the best in telephone systems. Our partnership with Bennett Valley Telecom brings you VastraMEDIA, an incredible office telecommunications system designed to meet all your communication needs. With features like a small footprint phone server, VoIP desk telephones, voice mail to email attachment, and a web interface to control your voicemail, VastraMEDIA offers a seamless and efficient communication experience. But it doesn’t stop there – VastraMEDIA also allows you to connect with other members of the Vastra Community, creating a network of businesses and individuals who can collaborate and exchange ideas effortlessly. Say goodbye to traditional phone carriers and hello to a new era of communication. Join the VastraMEDIA community today and unlock the power of seamless connectivity. Contact us now to get started!

Bennett Valley Telecom  has created one of the most incredible office telecommunications systems in the Sonoma Napa Wine Country. We have successfully traversed the cloud hosted PBX with an in-house PBX by offering you a system that allows you to be your own cloud PBX. We call it VastraMEDIA.

VastraMEDIA VoIP Platform

  • A small footprint phone server
  • A free app on your Smartphone linked to the office
  • Incredible, high functioning VoIP desk telephones
  • Voice mail to email attachment
  • Fully functioning phone call menus
  • 24 member conference bridge
  • Day and night company greetings
  • Web interface to control your voicemail and caller’s interface
  • *FREE link to the Vastra Community Voice Network (unlimited!)

The following clients of Able Computer Consulting currently use the VastraMEDIA Cloud PBX.

*What is the Vastra Community?

It allows you to have a direct link to other people and businesses that are VastraMEDIA system users or just VastraMEDIA subscribers.

Here’s how in works. Rather than a cumbersome call to another business, you can go to the Vastra Community Directory and look up their 4-digit number or you may even want to program a button on your phone. No need to dial that business number, go through a receptionist or automated attendant. You simply skip AT&T, Comcast, Verison, Sonic, or other phone carriers and go straight through the VastraLINK network and to the desk of the person you wish to reach. It’s a community intercom just for us. Since our system provides for a direct link to iPhones and Android phones, all Vastra Community members are highly available and may work with others real-time. Also! You can easily transfer calls through the community network. For attorneys it might be co-counsel, for real estate it might be a preferred lender. Many inter-business opportunities exist on the Vastra Community network:

Graphic Artist – Printing Company
Lodging and Vacation – Wineries
Wineries – Limousine Services
Bookkeeping – CPAs
General Practitioners – Specialists
Caregivers – Ambulatory Shuttle Services
Construction – Architects
Physical Fitness – Nutritionist
It’s more than a business telephone system. It’s a marketing appliance. It is your free digital chamber of commerce!